Sunday, December 22, 2013

Out with the Family

I can usually get my wife to go with me ice fishing only once a year. So I was totally shocked when she actually wanted to go today. Okay, seriously now, she wanted to go last night but this morning was a little more hesitant. I guess our bed must be too comfortable. 

Anyway, even though getting everything ready takes forever when the boys are involved, we still managed to get to Scofield Res. at about 8:30am. A quick walk down the hill and we were setting up in about 19' of water. 
He's ready

Other than two light hits for the wife, this spot was pretty dead. So I decided to move in a little closer to shore to see if they were cruising the shorelines. Once I found the 9' depth mark it was a completely different lake. 
Only Tiger of the day

Constant hits and four fish while trying to get the shack and equipment relocated made the move even more of a pain, but it was good to be seeing fish. 

He may have channeled his Great Grandpa on the hookset
 (just a little overexcited), but he got the job done
Unfortunately, once the whole outfit was set up again the fishing slowed down a bit. Both boys were able to get a fish, though the younger one needed a little help, and couldn't hold on to it for the pic. Pink Maniac Gizzy Bugs and Orange Maniac Cutter Bugs seemed to be the jigs of choice, but only when tipped with minnow.

For the record, the boys only wear Broncos stuff because
of their Mother, I'm a 49ers fan.

Once the action had slowed, so did the enthusiasm for keeping after it. So we loaded up and drug the sled up the hill, which because of all the packed down snow proved to be quite the challenge. Oh well, good day out with the family on the hardeck. Hopefully, you can out and enjoy the water. But more importantly, get together and enjoy your family for the holidays!

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