Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Rod for a New Year

Since I'm not really feeling up to a year in retrospect, I'll just tell you about the rod I just built, some hopes for the new year and include some pics from the year that I like.

This rod took a while to get started on. First off, the USPS decided to run over the first blank sent my way by Hook & Hackle so it was broken upon arrival.

Pretty Thorough, they managed to break every section

It was even sent in a PVC tube...
Luckily, Hook & Hackle is a great company to work with and they sent out another blank with no hassle at all. Unluckily, the time that I had to build this rod had disappeared into the black-hole known as my Masters Degree that I've been working on for the past 2-1/2 years. But now that the degree is done (and I had a break from work) I decided to get rolling on the neglected rod. 

This was to be my big game rod that I could use to further my pursuit of Carp, Pike, Bass and any other opportunities that come my way. I turned the handle myself, a little while back, along with a fighting butt, and used a Graphite reel seat from Janns NetCraft.

It's the one on top. The other one needs a little more
work, hopefully I'll get to use it soon.
I wanted to do a little more than I usually do in terms of the wraps, so I decided to do a modified Olive Branch on all the ferrules with silver trim wraps.

The ferrule wraps

Nice looking rod

A look at what I did at the guides
I've got the epoxy on and it looks great, just need a 8wt line (and I think a new reel is in order) to test cast. I'm really excited about this rod!

Now some of my favorite pics from the past year (in no particular order):

My favorite fishing buddy

Was able to take the boy out on the kick boats

Caught a surprising big rainbow on a small lake

Was able to do some fishing on the Firehole River

Firehole River

Caught some carp

Got some time in on a great stream

The Bro-In-Law showing off

I love this pic

It was a wet summer 

Had some great success in the back country

Found new places close to home

Pretty brown

Helped my brother get addicted

The old boy can still work it

Nothing like the first fish on the fly

Was able to get out with some great people

Caught some great fish

Got to get out and try new streams

He made a lot of progress this year

Snow and Fog

It was good to get out with my dad

Nothing like crossing tracks like these

Definitely my favorite fish of the year (even though it was
not the biggest) can't wait to get back to this little lake!
In the year to come I hope to do more hiking, camping, exploring and of course fishing. I've got lots of places scoped out for some recon work, and tons of places I hope to get back to. Hope you can get out and enjoy the water.

- Kidder

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