Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Goin' South

Finally, spring break.   I made it!  Now if only I actually had a day that I hadn't scheduled anything...

Luckily, I managed to schedule a couple of days to get some fishing in.  So, Monday I headed down to the Sevier River in Marysvale Canyon to try my luck.  For much of the year this stream runs off-colored, but just before the irrigation season it will sometimes be low and clear.  Luck was with us, and we found the stream in prime condition and Ross was quickly into his first fish.

We then had a bit of a slow stretch where we didn't move (or see) a fish for a while.  Changing flies (which is supposed to fix everything!) didn't seem to help much.  So we kept moving upstream until we were marking fish.

 From here we seemed to have things dialed in, every spot deep enough to hold fish seemed to have some willing to take either a large Bead-headed Hare's Ear (size 10, or 12) or a smaller Pheasant-Tail (size 18 or 20).
Workin' the shades.

Yes, even Brown Trout can be pretty.

Ross had his best day yet with a flyrod.
Enough fish to honestly lose count!
This is also the hole where he waded too deep
and shipped some cold, cold water...
This fish was one of the last of the day.
Dig the battle scar.  He also had a dead eye on the other side.
Seems like everywhere you look in Utah there's a great looking view.
He's gettin' it.

Such a great canyon to spend a spring day in.  We saw geese, a flock of ducks, some towering cliffs and no other fisherman.  Great day on the water, and a great way to start the hectic break.  Hopefully you can get out.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Haven't been fishing much lately, but did manage to get out and "take a drive" today with the family.  Sometimes we head out with a specific destination in mind, other times, like today, we just pick a direction and go.  Southeast was the direction of the day and taking in some of Utah's great views the objective.  Quickly found ourselves in the San Rafael Swell area, then on to Goblin Valley for some fun.  Enjoy the pics, should get some fishing in this week...