Sunday, April 10, 2022

Try, Try Again

As I've gotten older I've noticed that going alone is starting to lose its appeal, and I'm starting to really search out opportunities to fish with others. Especially if the 'other' is someone like Lane that really knows what he's doing. As usual, we met up before light in a random parking lot and rode the rest of the way together. This time Lane was a little late, so he drove the rest of the way. 

Right away, I hooked into a little rainbow that liked my Zebra Midge but we didn't see another fish for quite a while. What started out promising quickly turned into a rough morning with only a couple of small fish each and almost as many fly changes. There were people everywhere and that made us decide to change spots for the afternoon. On the way back to the truck Lane started picking up some fish by skating a dry fly. Then we watched an osprey dive out of the sky and catch a fish just upstream of us, then it flew a few laps around us showing off its fish. 

When that action subsided we got back to the truck and headed for Plan B. Plan B is a spot that we always leave in our back pocket just in case our day doesn't go the way we hoped. Almost right away, Plan B got us into fish right away on a Wired SJ Worm. 

Fishing is funny sometimes, but it seemed to me like today was my day as I was catching fish with ease while Lane seemed to have to work for each one. Then Lane caught the biggest fish I've seen from this stream and just like that, it was his day.

Right before dark, I managed to catch one on a dry fly which was pretty sweet. I couldn't see my fly, so I'd cast and then just strike if a fish rose where I thought my fly was. It works more often than you'd think. If it doesn't work the first time, you just gotta try again. 

Hope you're as lucky,