Saturday, April 11, 2020

A Bonus

Hopefully you and your loved ones are doing well in these crazy times. The world has changed in these few, short, weeks. We are more of a world-wide community than ever before and yet we're more isolated and alone too. Strange days. I've been trying to stay active, even going so far as to actually working on some projects around the house, but sometimes you just have to get out.

After finishing with my work for the day I headed out in spite of the weather being a little colder and a little more blustery than I'd like. Trying to be as responsible as possible, I stayed pretty close to home and made it a solo trip to maintain my social distancing. The plan was to walk downstream from where I usually park and then fish my way back to the truck. To help fight the temptation to stop and fish every spot on the way down I didn't rig up my rod right away. It worked great until I saw a rising fish that was too tempting. I'm yet to really figure out how to fish downstream with anything other than a streamer, so it didn't take long to spook the fish.

In an attempt to become a better fisherman, I've decided that this year I'm going to try and use a longer leader whenever possible. Twelve to fourteen feet long probably isn't that much for a lot of you, but I'm struggling to be accurate with it! Maybe I need to re-evaluate my leader construction...

I finished walking down to my target starting spot and quickly hooked into a fish that just as quickly came unbuttoned. It was only a minute later that a tiny brown came to hand and I started making my way upstream. The next fish to hand was the only rainbow I've ever caught on this stream! (Really weird, but I didn't take a picture!?!) I switched flies quickly whenever I came upon a rising fish, but most were caught on a prince nymph under an indicator. 

Despite the day being a little cold, the wind a little too high, the water a little low (with lots of moss), it still felt great just to get out for a couple of hours! The fish were just a bonus.

Hope you're as lucky,