Thursday, January 2, 2014

First Fish

After so much time indoors working on rods I just had to get out on New Years day to try and catch my  first fish of the year. The boy was game for a quick afternoon trip to our local pond so we loaded up light and headed down. Too light. Once we arrived I realized the gear we'd left behind and had to quickly drive home to retrieve it. Once we had EVERYTHING we needed we were back on the ice with just under an hour to try our luck before dark, and the dropping temperatures that go with it. Luckily we found the trout ready and willing play.
Not a bad start to the year

A pretty little tiger with a lot of green

Quickly we were both into our first fish of the year, plus several others. The boy said his hands were too cold to hold his for a picture...but still...mission accomplished! 

I know it's not fly fishing, but I still enjoy ice fishing. It's a great opportunity to get out with the young'uns even though its pretty cold out. This is going to be a great year, hope that you can get out and enjoy the water.


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