Saturday, December 14, 2013

First Ice

Tis the season for a bit of ice fishing. Normally I'm more of a fly guy, but once the temps get cold enough to put ice in the guides on every cast I'm all for busting out the auger and going after the trout from the hard-deck. So bright and early I got the boy out of bed and we readied ourselves for the day out in the weather.
He seems a little tired

Cold, but pretty

Realizing that we weren't exactly outfitted for the new season, we had to make a couple of unplanned stops. When we finally made it up to Scofield Reservoir it looked more like a tent city, but we found a corner for ourselves and got our shack set-up.

This guy put up a good fight

The boy was workin' it early and found a willing Tiger Trout and several Cutts. 

Lot's O Cutts

Later I managed a few of my own, between making some lunch (Ramen Noodles, oranges, m&m's and coke...Whatever it takes to keep the kid happy)

The boy likes being the photog too

It didn't seem to matter what jigs we used, when the school came through they were hitting anything we had down. Made for a great time out in nature with some great company. Got to take those kids fishing, before they get old and boring! I think my guy will remember this one for a while. He fished more independently that he ever has before, and we even spotted a wild turkey and several deer on the way home. The conversation on the ride was all about the next adventure. Hope you can get out and enjoy the water, hard or otherwise.

Last look back

Sunset on Skyline Drive

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