Sunday, January 25, 2015


I might be a little excited to start building a couple of rods this next weekend. I've been looking up tutorials on YouTube trying to get ideas on how to make these rods even more customized. There is a lot of good info out there and some really boring videos (there are good ones too). I decided to try out a couple of ideas on an old broken blank. Atley took some pictures while I worked on the crosswraps.

I need to take more time at this stage...

Ended up being a cool little design, even if it was done a little haphazardly 

Decided to turn it into a double wrap
Definitely looks like a first attempt, but I kinda like the way it came together. The most important thing is that I learned a lot, so with any luck, the next one will look better. I have a question though, I don't see a lot of these type of wraps on fly rods, is it too much? 

Hope you can get out, be safe, and enjoy nature.

- Kidder

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