Thursday, January 22, 2015

Planning Dad's New Rod

I've been able to get out fishing with my Dad a couple times lately, which has been great, and he tried out my 8wt rod that I built a while back. (Read about it here) Dad decided that he'd like one for his own which was perfect timing because I've really been wanting to build another rod. He really liked the look of the reel seat, and the feel of the blank I used for mine but decided that we should upgrade the guides. I haven't discussed color or wrap options with him yet but I suspect he'll let me do whatever I want in this area. When we figure that out I might try and incorporate the wrap colors into the handle just a bit more...somehow. Here's a few pics of my 8wt, I'll keep you posted on how my Dad's comes together.

Nice & simple at the guides

I really like the reel seat

I like the fancy wraps at the ferrules
Shopping for my Dad's rod helped me realize that I should build a 5wt on the same blank while I was at it. Not exactly sure what the plan for this rod is, but I'm going to build it as if I were going to keep it and see what happens. You can't ever have too many rods, can you?

Hope you can get out, be safe, and enjoy nature.

- Kidder

I've caught a bunch on this little rod I wrapped up a couple years ago

Totally not-for-show! Red wraps over a reddish/brown blank.

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