Sunday, January 4, 2015

First Ice

I was really hoping to get out one last time before heading back to work next week. I had plans to hit a lake south of here to have a shot at some nice rainbows on the hard water. No one else seemed to be thinking along these lines and filled up their schedules with other stuff. Oh well, guess I'll just sneak away in the afternoon for a quick trip with my boys. 

The ice already had a couple of groups on it so we couldn't fish where we normally do. Not a big deal, we just got a little ways away from the closest group and set up in about 15' of water. Before we could get everything set up Cado was into a fish.

After only a couple of minutes I had a fish hitting on my homemade Jaw Jacker. This was to be the first of many that I would miss on this rig. The idea is there, just need to tweek it a bit. I loved how it allowed me to keep the kids set up and still be fishing. 

Didn't take long till Atley decided to put one on the ice and show little brother how it's done.

This kid's got a knack for ice fishing
The kids seemed just as excited for the Hot Cocoa break as they were for the fishing. Next time I should bring more than one thermos I guess.

Drink break

After that things may of gotten a bit more casual when Atley was literally laying across his chair and still hooking fish.

Lazy Boy
Or when Cado didn't want to hold the fish 'cause his hands would get too cold.

At least he smiled for the picture
The Jaw Jacker did work as a strike indicator and I managed to pull in a few fish of my own.

The largest and prettiest of the day
Once the sun started going down so did the temps, so we packed it up. Before we could leave Cado hooked into the last fish of the day.

o Good boys
All the fish were caught on various jigs and colors, though white and pink seemed to out perform the others I honestly think any jig would've worked today. Hope you can get out, be safe, and enjoy nature. 
- Kidder

It's not really about the fishing

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