Sunday, January 11, 2015

Good Weekend

It's definitely weekends like this that keep me going throughout the work-week. Two full days to be at home and take care of a few things with the possibility of slipping away for a couple of hours to do some fishing. 

First on the docket was to fix a couple of rods that were overdue. One was my son's that had the tip come off. Not a big deal to fix, and the job went quickly. The second was my older brother Jeff's. He had broken the tip off while trying to remove some ice. After testing out a possible patch job I decided to lose the 1-1/2" that had broken off and put on a new tip. Quick wrap and epoxy and the repair was done. Just to make sure the action wasn't effected too much I test casted it out in the back yard and it felt great. This is a rod that I built as a Christmas present for him a couple of years ago, so I am still a little attached to her. 

Done and done
Sunday brought a morning of a great breakfast with the family and tying up some flies. I bought a new fly box that had a couple of stickers over the cover. What's the point of a clear fly box if you're not going to be able to see through it? So I attempted to remove the stickers and was left with a ton of residue that was really sticky. Didn't believe it myself, but tried it anyway and was shocked to find out that peanut butter works great. Weird. 

Who knew right?
Then Atley and I were out the door to fish a small local stream to see if any fish were active. 

I love living here
Atley just wanted to play photographer today so I was left to do the fishing. First thing we walked down to a hole that usually holds a fish or two but the first few casts didn't bring anything. Rather than start changing flies I added some weight to my nymph rig and caught a surprisingly nice cutthroat for this stream.

Beautiful fish in a beautiful net, compliments of J Wood Flyfishing
The next hole brought an identical looking trout to hand but then nothing seemed to be stirring. We worked our way up stream but didn't move any fish for the next 30-40 minutes and it was obviously time to head back home. All in all a great time out on the water and the perfect end to a nice weekend. Hope you can get out, be safe, and enjoy nature. 

- Kidder

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