Sunday, January 4, 2015

2014 Year in Review

It's been a great year. Here are my favorite pics:

First fish of the year

My boy with a nice little tiger to start the year

Went a couple of years without catching a splake, didn't take long to find some this year

Some great bows were caught this year

Got out a couple of time with my Bro-in-Law

Little Brother knows how to fling a fly

Personal best rainbow

Was able to get out several times with my Dad this year, hopefully we can keep that trend going

Darkest rainbow I've ever seen, thought it was a catfish for a minute...

First (and only) largemouth bass to date

Cado knows how to pull in the big ones

Got his first brown trout this year too

Fun stuff under the surface

I didn't catch a pike this year, but this kid caught a couple

Bro-in-Law on his home water,

He's getting more independent 

I love brownies

One of my favorite streams


Biggest chub I've ever caught

My first bluegill
My friend Ross with a great cutthroat

The fish may be small, but that smile ain't

A great brown trout on one of my favorite streams

Can't complain with a roadside brownie on a purple haze fly

The wife didn't get out much this year, but when she did she caught fish

Caught several nice Cutties this year

Atley caught some great fish all on his own this year

Found some new water that held nice tigers

And great lookin' splake

Always great to fish with this kid

Another great cutty, with Mickey Mouse in his eyes

My buddy Lane with a great lookin' cutty

This was the trip that Cado caught about 100 of these cutts

Nice tiger

Slippery, but he's determined to keep hold

We loved having my niece Riann come down and visit during the Summer

Broke my personal best for Cutthroat several times this year

Lane caught some serious cutties too

One of my better underwater pics

Only got to this stream once this year, during a downpour, but what a great day

Personal best Cutthroat, can't wait to go back and see if he grows

Caught my first grayling

My Dad fished circles around me

Found a new pond close to home that I can't wait to get back to

Took a couple of trips to a stream about ten minutes from my house

This is a great place to take young fly fishermen

My personal best Brookie

Little brother only poses with nice fish

This fish was an absolute chunk

Dad caught some great lookin' bows on this trip

Cado had a great day

A great way to finish out the year
Just hoping 2015 can be even close to as awesome, and hope that you can get out, be safe, and enjoy the outdoors.

- Kidder

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