Monday, June 30, 2014

A Ride

Last week my niece Riann came down to stay with us. Unfortunately most of the week was spent in our typical, boring, lifestyle. We did manage to take one ride up onto the local mountain range to show off how incredibly lucky we really are to live here. The first stop was a little brookie pond that used to have a ridiculous number of stunted fish. Two Summers ago the pond had almost no water in it and we didn't even bother checking on it last year. So, this was more or less just a quick stop to see if the conditions had improved at all.  From the truck we could see that there was a bit more water than the last time we were here so I strung up a rod, a couple of casts with a Hare's Ear Soft Hackle and it was fish on. 

Always good to hook up
 After two or three of these pretty little fish and it was clear that I should try and get my niece in on some of the action. It took a little doin (with me casting and letting her just worry about the retrieve and hook set) but we got her into a couple of brook trout.
Fishing by commitee

I have a real soft spot for brook trout

Our new puppy even enjoyed the pond

This is what the Wife did while we were fishing

Leave it to her to find some nice flowers
After our pit stop at the pond, we moved onward and upward. There was a bit of a traffic jam waiting just around the corner, but we quickly got past it.

We don't see them too often, but there are quite a few turkeys in Utah.
It's so green up there

Nice looking lake
Our last stop was at the lake shown above. Tons of huge scuds were all around the shore, along with some frogs, but no fish were caught. Wish we had more than a couple of minutes to spend here, but dinner was calling us home. Luckily for us the ride home was filled with lots of deer, which are always fun to see. 
Nice buck

She thought we couldn't see her
It was a great way to spend the afternoon and show Riann how great our backyard is. Maybe I can plan a trip with her sometime in the near future, she didn't seem to quite get her fill of this outdoors thing. Hope you can get out and enjoy the water.

- Kidder

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