Thursday, July 3, 2014


Keeping with my awesome summer schedule, on Tuesday I headed into the woods to meet up with a fellow forum member for the first time. He lives on the other side of the mountain range so it makes sense to meet in the middle. Luckily the middle has some of the best fishing opportunities in the state. I was excited to be getting back to a couple of lakes that I haven't been to for a few years, and it showed. First I forgot my camera and had to run back in the house for it. Next, I forgot my lunch/dinner/water and had to run back for it. Then I forgot a jacket but didn't realize that until much later.

Not my destination, but an interesting pond for another time
I decided to take a route up to the lakes that I haven't taken for about eight years. Not sure why I haven't been up that way in that long, or why I chose that route when I was supposed to be meeting someone, but I did. The trip up the canyon was just as awesome as I remember, though the road leading down to where I was heading seemed much worse than I remember. Nothing like puckering your butt while trying to keep the truck on the road.

Lake number 1 (which ended up being stop number two for me)

Pretty high, and yes, that's snow.

Arrived to find the guy I was going to meet already out on lake number two (not a surprise since he didn't have to work that morning) and tried to quickly get set up. Despite trying to hurry I noticed that he was getting into quite a few fish while I was pumping up my kick boat and getting everything else out. Definitely makes it hard to focus. Once on the water I quickly found some fish and picked up a couple on a Double Renegade on a sinking line with a slow retrieve.

Always a nice view around here
Once we got close enough to each other I called to my fishing partner and introduced myself. Tom paddled over right away and hands me a couple of his flies that were the hot ticket so far. Great looking flies that seem to be a simple tie - exactly the type that I love. Then he detailed exactly how he was getting into them: cast out 50' of line, slow troll until the line sank, then strip the fly back in. Seemed very generous of him and hopefully I'll be able to return the favor someday. The method worked like a charm and I was getting lots of hits and some hookups right away. Unfortunately, not long after that Tom had to leave but I'm sure we'll fish together again and hopefully soon.

This bow fought like a much bigger fish
Ended the day by going over to lake number one and getting skunked even though the fish were rising like crazy to a midge hatch. Missed three fish while getting progressively colder. Why did forget my jacket? Why are my waders leaking? At least I knew why my hands were shaking. Called it a day and made the trek back home. It was nice to get out again during the week and great to meet and learn from another angler. Can't wait to do it again. Get out there, be safe, and enjoy the water over the holiday.

- Kidder

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