Tuesday, July 15, 2014

No Fishing

I'm in the later stages of a truly epic Summer. I've caught more fish over 20" this year than I think I ever have before, have fished in relative solitude, gotten out with some great people to fish with, explored new water, and gotten my kids into some good fishing. 

Well, that's over. Car trouble has once again pulled the funding out from under my fishing habit and now I'm back to work trying to make ends meet. Luckily, I've been able to pick up some extra work with my Dad that, once payday comes, should fit the bill. Unfortunately, this doesn't help me out of my current dry spell. I've been tying flies, trying to figure out this net building thing, and reading but it just doesn't seem to be scratching the itch. 

The woodworking thing has been a lot of fun and has helped to fill out some of my days off, but most of the time I'm thinking about where would be good right now and how long it'd take for me to get there. But until the car gets fixed and I can recoup some losses I'm stuck. This is the time of year I spend most of the winter looking forward to, ironic that I'm incapable of taking advantage. 

I guess my lucky streak had to end sometime...oh well, I realize that I've been ridiculously blessed. I'll stop my sulking and try to accomplish something in my down time.  Hope you can get out there, be safe, and enjoy the water.

At least the views are good around here

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