Friday, June 20, 2014

After Work Workin' It

Summer is here and I'm spending most mornings playing like a drill sergeant and teaching students how to march, play music and attempt both at once. But I slipped away after yesterday's rehearsal to try out another new spot. These new spots have worked out ridiculously well for me this year, so I invited a fellow band teacher to try this one out with me.
Not a bad way to spend the afternoon
After the ride, and run down of how our summer programs are going, we made our destination and Lane was quickly into a chunky rainbow. This fish must've had some leopard in his genes 'cause the spots on him were crazy.

He's even got spots on his lower jaw
After a couple more of these we moved up stream and found what we were looking for, the big cutties. I'm not sure if Lane was expecting this quality of fish, but it didn't take long for him to lay some steel into one.
Lane's 22" Cutthroat Trout

Close up of Lane's fish
There were a lot of nice fish in the stream, and I even managed to hold on to one long enough to get a couple of good pics. I got most of my fish on a MHE fished under an Indicator Chernobyl. I had a few take swipes at some streamers, but most weren't interested in the bigger offering.

Look how tall that fish is

Disney really is everywhere! This one's got Mickey eyes.
Moving further upstream we found a cool little waterfall where the fish were channeling their inner salmon and making an impressive effort.

Unbelievable half day of fishing with some great company, can't wait to do it again. Hope you can get out and enjoy the water.
- Kidder

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