Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Little Brother

It's not that my youngest was jealous or anything, but he definitely wanted his turn to camp out with Dad. In fact, he wanted to go back to where I'd taken Atley the week before and camp in the same place. I think he may have been feeling a little left out. 

Now, before you start thinking that I favor one kid over the other or anything like that just know that I only have two decent sleeping bags, a two man tent and two decent backpacks. We'll get there eventually, but it takes more moolah than I have available to outfit a family of four. There's also the fact that I didn't really believe that Cado would be able to carry a pack, no matter how light I tried to pack it. Hell or high water would not deter him so we decided to pull an overnighter, just like big brother did, and packed up on Friday morning.

Ready to roll
It took a bit longer than expected to actually get to the lake because I had to help Cado over all the boulders but we made it there and started fishing without much trouble. 

What a stud
After hooking into several small fish we decided to make our way around the lake (up, over and through more boulders) to set up our camp. After setting up the tent, gathering firewood, and getting situated we decided there were more fish to catch. I usually prefer fly fishing but Cado wanted to fish with "cheese like on Spongebob" and it took most of my time to keep helping him unhook fish, re bait and undoing the occasional tangle up. Couldn't believe how many fish the kid pulled in. 

Look at that confidence
We fished till just before dark and then got a fire going and started working on dinner. Cado wanted some fish to go with the Ramen noodles so we hooked a couple to fry. Some people like doing this, some don't, and some are morally opposed to it. All I have to say is that there are no shortage of fish in this lake and they were delicious.

Enjoying it
Last time I was here the fishing after dark was pretty awesome so I couldn't wait to get after it once the sun was off the water. Unfortunately the fish all went to bed early. Oh well. The morning held the promise of some more good fishing before we had to head home. Cado was asleep before I even got in my sleeping bag! 

Next morning was all about Cado working the bait (again) and it was still crazy fast fishing. He had a blast and I loved seeing him enjoying it so much.

Trying out ways to hold them

The biggest fish of our outing

Hold on!
Can't wait till I can take both my boys on trips like this, but until then I'll make sure to give little brother some opportunities. Hope you can get out and enjoy the water.

- Kidder

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