Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Chomping at The Bit

This is a crazy time of year! Around here the snow's starting to retreat back up the mountain, the lakes are freeing themselves of ice, and people are applying for Big Game Hunts. My application's in, and even though I have failed to draw twice in the last three years I feel somewhat confident this year. I sure hope I'm right 'cause I'm itchin to use my bow.

The last few years I've taken the opportunity to purchase a new fishing license at the same time as when I apply for the hunts. I can't help but be excited that I won't have any days this year that I can't go fishing. That's legally speaking of course...

When I decided to become a music teacher I had no idea that it would cut into my fishing time like this. I mean seriously, who'd have thought that so many evenings and weekends would be spent working? 

Anyway, the State Tournament for Girl's Basketball happened this last weekend and I was there directing the Pep Band. There's really nothing to tell here except that our school's team did a nice job, but ended up losing in the semi-final round, and the Band sounded killer. Oh yeah, and I didn't get to go fishing. This weekend has complications too, but I should be able to wet a line somewhere. Hope you can get out and enjoy the water.

- Kidder

Do you remember?

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