Monday, March 24, 2014

Can't Win 'Em All

Pretty place to play
So great to get out this weekend with my brother-in-law Courtney from Zip Dog Fishing (check out his blog) to hit some rivers in his neck of the woods.  Up and out the door at 6:30 we found the Logan still in the clutches of winter. I started out throwing a bugger while Court was trying his luck with a nymph, and I changed over to try my luck with one after finding the trout mostly unresponsive. We came up on a moose and the remains of a small avalanche, but not many fish. Anyone who has been out with me in the winter knows that I usually don't let cold get in my way, but this was ridiculous. I couldn't feel whether I was touching my tippet or not, and once the shivering set in I knew it was time to get out of the shade. While we both managed fish on this first stretch, the cold and lack of consistent action sent us looking for greener pastures. 

Maybe not the best place to fish....
But all's well that ends well

This guy looks like he's been caught before. Quite the mug shot.

The second stretch let us fish in the sun and we found more willing fish here, but it still wasn't quite what we were hoping for. I did shoot a little video (the wife says it's the most boring video, ever) of Court hooking and playing a nice white fish. 

I like white fish. They tend to be heavy, they fight pretty good, and they release the same as trout (or, according to some, they taste really good if you smoke 'em. I haven't tried it, just passing on rumors). I know a lot of fishermen look down on them, but I don't really get it. They look kinda like grayling without the big fin. They can be pretty in a non-showy, meant for business sort of way and they can literally save you from getting a skunking in the winter. 

The sun sure felt good
Anyway, about mid-day we decided to head on over and try our luck on the Blacksmith Fork. The first stretch started out great with me hooking into a couple browns and missing another. Then it just shut off. We tried everything we could, but just couldn't get anything consistent going until I started seeing a couple rising fish. A quick setup change and I was into a nice cutt that evaded the net. Court got a brown to hand and things were looking up.

Mid afternoon temps were up into comfortable range and the fish kept feeding on (and near) the top. First hole on a new section saw several missed hook-sets, which is hilarious to watch and frustrating to experience. The second hole provided us with more dry fly action and the beginning of getting back into the groove of setting the hook. Most fish took confidently and I simply had to remember to just tighten the line. Quickly...not hard...but still firm....unless he takes it differently.....not too tough right? Anyway, one fish (out of many in the area) decides that he doesn't like my Parachute B.W.O, or the Emerger, or the floating nymph, or seemingly anything else. I even gave him these options in different sizes. All the other fish liked them just fine, but this guy would come up within a 1/2 inch to look at the fly before slowly turning away. I had to fool him. So, I throw on a B.W.O. Dun with an upright feather wing. First cast he takes it hard and fast, and I miss him like an idiot. Oh well, "You can't win 'em all".

These cutts have the craziest eyes!
Just as quickly as the dry fly action began, it ended and I finished the day dredging up a couple more fish with a stonefly nymph. Great start to my spring break and hopefully the first of many days with some dry fly action. Hope you can get out and enjoy the water.

- Kidder

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