Monday, March 10, 2014

When the Cat's Away

The Wife and my oldest were gone to the races down in Las Vegas with Grandpa. That left me and the young'un to our own devices for a few days. The rock & roll lifestyle was definitely catching up to us, and we sure felt it that morning, but we fought through and headed south for some lake fishing to start the day. 
He sure was staring off a lot
Fishing was (as it usually is for me at this lake) a little slow. The attention span never limited out though and my boy was able to focus on fishing for extended periods. Although, with a lake full of 'stuff' there's always plenty to keep our attention...

Can't believe how much this little guy freaked out the boy

He managed to track down this little
guy with his bare hands though!

Of course with great views, it's always easy to be content...
I like days like this

And a few trout don't hurt to keep our attention...
Holding him like an old pro

But eventually it really was time to move on, so we decided to hit the stream on the way back home. It seemed like much of it was getting attention from other anglers, but we found a stretch to give the kid a chance to try out his brother's waders. Luckily for me we also had some success.

Not sure what he was looking at

Videos aren't usually my thing, but I did my best

Happy ending for the video above

I like the reflection

We ended the day by calling for Sasquatch (what my son called our 'Finding Bigfoot' party) and then headed back home. I think I might have another fishing buddy for life! Hope you can get out and enjoy the water.

- Kidder

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