Sunday, February 23, 2014


Initially, I was going fishing Saturday with a buddy of mine. Unfortunately, he wasn't able to go so I didn't make it out. Instead, I ended up working on some different projects around the house. The first little task was to pick up a fish tank for our family room. Just so happened that the local warm water pond was close by so I checked up on how the water level was looking.

Looks a bit low....

After that, the wife got to painting the stand and cleaning the tank while I took the opportunity to make a new form for building landing nets. I've built a net before, but that was at my brother's and I wanted to start building these on my own. More to come on this new adventure.

Next step is to get some hardwood!
I'm ready, even if I'm not ready.

Getting back to the fish tank involved a quick trip to the pet store (1hr, 15 min) to grab a few fish. It was on this drive that I told my family about when I was a kid. My mom had a fish tank with some goldfish and I wanted to try out one of the flies that I had just learned how to tie. Yeah, I hooked, landed and successfully released one of my mother's goldfish. I'm not proud of it, but that's the sort of thing I would do. At least I tied the fly it was caught on....

The wife does have a good eye for stuff like this

Just thought I'd show off her paint job

Speaking of tying flies, I've been trying to fill up my boxes in preparation for the upcoming Spring. Nothing quite like watching The New Flyfisher and going completely into production mode for flies.

A dozen and a half flies, just a drop in the bucket
As much as I really wanted to go fishing, it does feel nice to make some progress on some of these projects. Hope you can get out and enjoy the water.

- Kidder

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