Thursday, February 6, 2014

Feelin' the Itch

So this is the weekend that all the Music Educators (or most of us...) in Utah head south for the annual professional development conference. While I'm not complaining about going to the warmer climate of St. George, not bringing the long rod is killing me. Freakin' summertime videos on YouTube. Or, even worse, recent videos that are streaming in from New Zealand or Patagonia. People actually fly fishing right now!! Catching large fish on large dry flies....the bastards. 

So how is this yearly annoyance aggravated further by getting away into warmer temps?  The fact that I'm supposed to be in a conference and not fishing. I've tried bringing a rod along in years past, but I just can't seem to sit still in the conference when there's fishing options available. So this year I'm without the temptation, but the thought is still keeping me from full focus. Such is life. Can't wait till next weekend (even though it'll still be in the cold). Hope you can get out and enjoy the water (and if it is warm where you live, keep it to yourself!)

- Kidder

I can almost taste it

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