Thursday, October 17, 2013


Yes, another post about hunting even though this is supposed to be a fishing blog. My bad. Not to worry, this will be another short post. Got out late in the weekend due to some work stuff, but was met with a completely different scene.

That night we saw some great country, but no elk. The next morning we were met with some heavy fog. I don't know how other people do it, but for us scoping from vantage points till we find elk is a big part of hunting. Needless to say that with the fog our ability to spot and stalk was very limited. 

Pretty cool to cross these cat tracks
(it stepped on it's own track, that's why it looks so funny)
 In an attempt to tip the odds back in our favor, we headed for the low lands in hopes that the elk had moved down with the recent weather.

 Kicked up a group of 7 Sage Hens off this hill, but that was the only wildlife we spotted.

Great view of Southern Utah
Later we saw a lot of deer, including a nice 3-point buck, but no elk. Oh well, even though we didn't find the elk, I still had a great time with my brother and Dad.  Can't wait to get back to fishing. Hopefully you can get out and enjoy nature.

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