Sunday, October 27, 2013

Earning It

With the weather warming back up this week I was hoping to head out Friday to do a little exploring. Too bad the wife had a pretty long to-do list waiting for me. So, after trying to get all the stuff around the house done Friday, Saturday was cleared for my little expedition.

I've heard of a certain lake, in a certain area of the state that may, or may not, have some quality Brook and Cutthroat Trout in it. Of course I ascertained this from reading between the lines. The standard stories of a hard to find unmarked trail that was regularly patrolled by bears seemed unlikely, so I was set for the attempt. Unfortunately, the trail really was tough to find, but I knew roughly where the lake was and so bushwacked my way in, remarkably cutting the trail after only a short while.

Coming off my elk hunting trips earlier in the month, I couldn't help but notice how much elk sign there was. Maybe next year I'll try hunting around here...

One of many cans that I collected throughout the day. This one, however, was full.

A great site after a hike.

As I worked my way around the lake I noticed some brown box-elder-ish bugs that happened to be falling into the water. Too bad I don't have a pattern, 'cause the fish seemed to like them.

After struggling to catch a couple of small cutts, I hooked into a much larger fish that promptly took a lot of line very quickly and broke me off. Thinking it was to be my only opportunity of the day I was pretty pissed. But quickly afterwards I had another take from a quality fish that came unbuttoned much too quickly. Feelings of inadequacy soon subsided once I had this guy in hand.

After that the fish began to rise more regularly and I caught several before deciding that it was past time for me to try and find my way out. Luckily I hustled, and arrived back at the truck just before dark.

 I set out looking for Brookies and all I found were Cutts. But somehow I don't really feel like I failed.  Hopefully you can get out and enjoy the water.

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