Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Book Review: The River Why

The River Why

by David James Duncan

This was my second reading of The River Why and now I remember why I didn't read it for so long. The first half of this book took about a month for me to labor through, and the second half about a week. Funny how this works, because most of the fishing takes place in the first half. 

This is the story of Gus, his fishing obsessed family, him growing up, realizing that there are more important things than fishing and, ultimately, finding happiness. Tons of philosophical topics are discussed, but the main idea seems to be whether or not God exists. Different wouldn't begin to describe the approach on the topic of divinity, what with the garden world, dreefees and invisible twins. But in the end the conclusion appeases Gus (the main character) and seems good enough to the reader. I think it's a good enough book to read once, not sure about twice, but stay away from the movie I thought it was horrible.

"Nobody ever discovers truth by barfing up Sunday-school answers to questions" Titus pg. 181

"I like the implication that even though I'm hopelessly stupid compared to my soul or Essence, I'm damned useful: I have a profound purpose!" Gus pg. 182

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