Saturday, April 25, 2015

Great Day

Great Day
Getting out the door bright and early is a bit more of a challenge when the whole family is going on the trip, but we managed it last Sunday to get out fishing. We even loaded up the little row boat and all the extra equipment that goes with it to improve our odds. The nice weather made for a great time out on the water.

It's always a good time with this kid
Pretty much as soon as we were in the boat Del hooked into a leaping rainbow that spit her hook, but that was the only fish we saw for a bit. Once we anchored in a likely looking spot Atley worked his bait to perfection to bring a couple of small 'bows to the boat. I'm not really into bait fishing, but when the family's involved I'm down for whatever it takes to get them into fish. 

Eye to eye
With the breeze coming up and our stomachs telling us it was time for lunch we decided to troll some lures back to where the truck was parked for lunch. Luckily Cado was there to help Del reel in a nice 18" bow that hadn't skipped too many meals and another bow that came calling soon afterward.

Good lookin! And the fish ain't bad either.
After lunch the kids were more interested in searching for crawdads then fishing. So I got to fish from shore while they turned over rocks and gathered up enough of the mudbugs to have a side-dish of them with our dinner. As nasty as they look, they really do taste pretty good.

Extra gross looking when they've got eggs on 'em

Crawdads weren't the only things to try and catch. This little lizard was caught for a closer look and then released.
With evening coming on we decided to start heading home. Unknown to the rest of my family was my plan to follow up on a stream that I had checked out a few weeks ago that was running high and muddy. Lucky me, it was a lot lower and clearer this time and I found a few willing browns to prove that life did exist. This could be a really fun little stream a little later in the year for some terrestrial fishing.

Just something about moving water

This could be fun
Got home in time to cook up some crawdads to go with our dinner and get everything cleaned up and ready for the week of work and school. Great way to spend a weekend. Hope you can get out, be safe, and enjoy nature.
- Kidder

Thats a pot full of ew.

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