Thursday, May 29, 2014

First Day

Tuesday was my first day of Summer break! Yeah, there are still some perks to being a teacher. For the next three weeks I'll be trying to enjoy some fishing (though I still have no money to pay for these trips). With that in mind I finally got back to a lake that I found last fall (post here).
Headed out early with a buddy of mine (making sure to tell him all about the bears/sasquatch/other reasons he shouldn't bring everyone he knows here) and arrived at the lake around 7:00am. 

A fine site
A few fish were surfacing early but we had a tough time convincing them to come say hi. Threw some different flies at them all with the same result. Had some fish follow but none would commit. Then we worked our way toward the inlet and found some willing participants.

I see you!

I never get tired of these
Once we left the inlets our luck turned off again, so after a little while we began making our way back to the trail home when we finally keyed in on what the fish wanted. An orange asher either floating or stripped slowly was the ticket and we were soon into several fish. Can't say enough about this little fly that has been just awesome for me since I learned how to tie it on

Gettin' colored up for the dance

He's starting to get the hang of this fly thing
We were about to call it a day when Ross spotted a large Cutt that seemed to be stuck in the debris at the mouth of the inlet. Ross hurried over and helped it to get unstuck, and held onto it for a couple of pics. She was big and beautiful.

She was chuck full of eggs!
 Great way to end the day and begin making our way back through the treacherous woods where we kicked up a couple of deer but avoided the Sasquatch infestation, luckily. In all seriousness it was a fantastic first day and one that has me really excited for Summer. Hope you can get out and enjoy the water.
- Kidder

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