Tuesday, May 13, 2014


So...I've been busy. In the past week I've decided to change jobs, sell my house and move back to the city. I accepted the job offer, had a buyer lined up and everything was a go. Something just wasn't right, and the more I thought about it, prayed about it, and asked for advice from people I respect, it became clear that I was about to make a huge mistake. So, I passed on the job, canceled the sale, and am feeling great about my decision to stay. 

I knew things were amiss when a buddy of mine brought by his fishing stuff Monday afternoon and I'd actually forgotten mine. IT'S A SIGN! In an effort to repent, and possibly celebrate my decision, we got out and hit the local pond and stream this afternoon.

The pond was pretty off color, but gave up a few of it's smaller residents for closer inspection.
"Smaller" could be interchangeable with "Smallest"
With the pond not quite giving us what we'd hoped we headed over to the local stream to check up her. This stream fell victim to the Wood Hollow Fire in June of 2012, suffering a nearly 100% fish kill. So finding several fish, both Cutts and Browns, was really encouraging. Hopefully it will continue to recover.

Small, but I'm glad to be seeing more fish in this stream again
So basically, nothing's changing and we caught some little fish. But not bad for a Tuesday! Hope you can get out and enjoy the water.

- Kidder

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