Saturday, May 31, 2014

Chubby Chernobyl?

In case you haven't noticed, I really like fishing terrestrials. The bigger the better. I just love when trout are coming up for a huge fly, and around here, most of the time, that means terrestrials. Whether it's imitating a cricket, a beetle, a grasshopper, or just looks like food the trout love 'em and so do I. This is what I've always referred to as a "Chubby Chernobyl" but a quick search on the interweb tells me others have a different idea of what that pattern is. Oh well, I guess this is my take on it. Here's the materials you'll need for this tie:
  • uni 6/0 tying thread
  • #10 standard dry fly hook
  • Rainy's Evazote Sheet Foam, 3/16"
  • White bucktail, deer hair, or Antron Yarn 
  • Grizzly Hackle
  • Medium Round Rubber Legs 

Lay down a thread base back just shy of the hook bend.

At the point you stopped your thread base tie in a foam strip about a 1/4" wide

Advance your thread to about a 1/4" shy of the eye of the hook. Make another segmentation in the foam here.

Trim your foam to length and trim the corners while you're at it.

Tie in your white wing in the material of your choice. Like I indicated in the material list, I haven't noticed a difference from one material to another in terms of effectiveness. If you do, let me know. I like to cater to the preferences of the fish.

Then tie in a grizzly hackle and attach your rubber legs to the sides of the fly.

Wrap the hackle in between the legs a few times (I like to be a little liberal with my hackle here). Whip finish and you're done. I like to add a few drops of super glue to the underside to improve durability.

This fly is another easy tie that is really effective on the water. Tie up a few and try it for yourself. I hope you can get out and enjoy the water.

- Kidder

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