Sunday, November 24, 2013


I was so excited to get out after a long week of anticipation. Sometimes it seems like looking forward to these outings is all that gets me through the low points in during the week. This week was especially appealing with the promise of getting to fish for the first time with Courtney from Zip Dog Fly Fishing (who also happens to be my brother-in-law) and the possibility of getting to try out an ITB rod from Risen Fly (the full review will be coming once I get to try it out in a few different situations). The plans came off without a hitch, and I received the test rod Friday. But with so many places that I really want to hit before all on winter settles in, the decision of where to go was unusually difficult and it wasn't until late friday night that we decided to hit the Sevier River. 

There's always a little trepidation when fishing with someone new, especially when they happen to be family, but I felt little of that with Court. From the moment we were out of the car it was obvious he knew what he was doing, and from there on it was just fishing as usual.
First fish of the day, and first fish on Risen Fly's ITB Rod
We found the fish ready and willing to eat gray scuds early, but only in the deeper runs. There are several reds throughout the stream that we were sure to avoid stepping on, but all of these were devoid of fish in the morning.
Cool shot of the beautiful Marysvale canyon
 We slid into a bit of a lull around midmorning, but some adjustments and a red midge pattern pulled us out of it.
Court from Zip Dog Fly Fishing with one of his many

Workin' it

This guy had a chunk missing, must've been a feisty spawn
 The fishing and the company were only out-shined by this great looking canyon, and I couldn't help but keep looking up.
The pics don't do it justice
 We left with some great memories made and even managed to get back to our family shindig just in time. Hope you can get out and enjoy the water.

My best brown of the day

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