Friday, November 29, 2013


Usually we try and get one of families to do an early Thanksgiving dinner so that we don't have to choose between them. This year, both sides wanted to do a dinner early which left Thanksgiving day open for us to do as we pleased. So we decided to load the kids up and take a day trip down to Arches National Park to celebrate the day.
First things first, upon arrival we had to check out the visitor's center. It was here that the kids encountered a strange relic from the past:
They actually work!
The fog was unbelievable en route, and made the ride considerably longer, but once we were in the park it made for some really nice views.

It almost doesn't even look real
Arches is a great park to take the kids. With a ton of short hikes and plenty of awesome views, our young'uns found some great arches.

Double Arch

Really cool to be able to get right up under them
However, the kids couldn't make every hike. So we ended up settling for the viewpoint when it came to the iconic Delicate Arch.

Not a bad pic from a distance!
Made for a great day with the family, and a great reminder of what I'm thankful for. Tomorrow, I'll get some fishing in.

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