Friday, July 12, 2013


6:00am is not that early!  Especially when you're heading out to one of your favorite places in the world!  With that in mind I managed to break my dry spell and headed out "early" Monday morning.  After picking up a couple of friends on the way we were greeted with no visible fish in the slightly high stream.  Oh well, I still had confidence that my stream would produce for us.

Started out a little slow, but we managed to pick up a few fish here and there.  Tried different stuff, but the fishing just didn't seem to be what it normally is.  

Matt showin' off his first fish on the fly!
I love teaching people how to do this. 
Then in the afternoon the fishing just got better.  Not like a steady rise in action, but just bam! Now fishing is good!  Wondering if the first section we were in got slammed over the holiday weekend, because from here on out fishing was significantly better!

The old pro was workin' it.
Managed to pick some up on a new fly pattern.  The Stoneflopper.
Dig the big blue spot on his face.
Right about when it was time to head fishing got crazy good for me.  But the action stayed about the same for the other guys which made it hard to stay.  Oh well, great time with great company in a great place.  Kinda makes it hard to call any day average...  Hope you can get out and enjoy the water.
Awesome canyon. 

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