Saturday, July 27, 2013

Out with the Boy

I hate appointments.  No matter when you schedule them, they're still inconvenient and a pain in the butt.  While it's true that I didn't have anything else to fill out my day (for the first time in two weeks) I really wanted to use that down time to hit some streams I've been neglecting.  Atley was game, and even got the stuff ready to go while I was at the meeting.

We made it to Gooseberry Creek by ten and found the water low and clear.  Quickly we were into fish using a Stone-Flopper with a red Copper-John dropper.  On a nice looking bend pool, Atley was able to get into several hits, eventually hooking his first for the day.

As we moved upstream the fishing got steadily more challenging which definitely didn't fit the bill for the day.  Eager to get my boy into more fish, we decided to hit one of the other small creeks in the area.

It wasn't the fast action that we were hoping for, but we managed to catch a few.  Atley stuck his second fish, a chubby little brown.

After that, it seemed like all he wanted to do was play with the camera.  Oh well, better for him to have a good experience than for me to insist that he fishes the whole time.  I caught some more, a mixed bag of Browns and Cutthroat while Altey manned the camera.  We tried out some underwater shots for the first time.  They're not great, but fun to play with.

Had a great time out today!  Atley covered some serious miles, fished like a pro, and took some great pics.  Hope you can get out and enjoy the water.

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