Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Out with the Boys

Nothing like following up long distance fishing trips with one a little closer to home.  So on friday Atley, me and my brother met up early to hit one of my favorite streams here in Central Utah.  After gearing up at the trailhead, and spotting several deer, we headed on down the trail where we stopped to look at a herd of elk that were a few hundred yards away.  Amazingly, one bull elk could be heard bugling.  A lot of people don't know that Elk can bugle at anytime of year, and even though it isn't as powerful as during the rut, it's still a really cool to hear one when you're out and about.  After putting in a couple miles (about) we were anxious to get our flies in the water and were greeted quickly by some trout.
Chubby Brown
Nice Cutt
Pretty Cutt
Where'd the fish go?
It's good to be home, and good to share the water with family.  This day everything seemed to be just right and Weston was catching fish left and right, which was awesome to see.  I was enjoying the day trying to show Atley some things about a slightly larger stream (so far he's only been on smaller water) and playing guide as much as him and Weston would let me.  Atley hooked and landed 2 Cutts completely on his own which was pretty exciting.  Unfortunately, when we tried to get a pic he dropped the fish at the most inopportune time (the above photo was the result).

One for Wes, one for me.

Best brown of the day

The fishing was pretty consistent, and we even encountered a nice Yellow Sally hatch, until the wind became too much of a nuisance and we called it a day.  Lots of fun with some great company.  Hopefully you can get out and enjoy the water.

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