Friday, June 1, 2018

Turkey Time

When we built our house the water didn't get hooked up until pretty late in the game, which meant that we couldn't get the plumbing fully checked. When we were finally able to turn on the water it sounded like we had a leak on the yard hydrant. Not an issue to work on in November or December so we let it go until Spring. To our plumber's credit, they got ahold of us letting us know that they'd be in the area and would like to stop by and fix it. Good guys. I had to leave work a little early to meet them and turn on the water to the hydrant. As they dug down to the leak (through all of our numerous rocks) I sat inside and tried to get some work done but the idea of chasing turkeys was ruining my motivation. The short rain hit pause on the hydrant repair, but it wasn't long before they had it all fixed and ready to roll.

When I went out to talk to them before they left they told me there was a turkey gobbling out behind our house. The conversation ended when he sounded off again. I grabbed my stuff and headed out the back door, in such a hurry that I forgot to put a belt on my hunting pants. Tried to find a spot where I could see and made some calls. Got some gobbles back, but it seemed like they wouldn't come any closer. So I texted my neighbor for permission to hunt on his property and they got back to me quick saying it's fine. So I backed out, walked around and set up in the shade of some scrub oak. Texted the wife, checked facebook, clucked, texted my brother, checked instagram, heard a gobble, called, almost fell asleep, called, gobble, called, gobble, there's a Jake, end of hunt. Just like that I had some meat for a couple of meals and a lot of feathers to play with at the vise. This may have to become a tradition.

Hope you're as lucky,


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