Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Book Review:" The Trout Diaries - A year of fly-fishing in New Zealand" By Derek Grzelewski

The Trout Diaries
A year of fly-fishing in New Zealand

By Derek Grzelewski

A great way to torture yourself as you're waiting for spring is to read a book about fly-fishing a half-a-world away where fish bigger than your personal best are routinely caught. I was somewhat hesitant to start reading this book, worried that it would only worsen my wanderlust and move New Zealand up a bucket list that I really can't afford. Luckily, the read was worth the torture as the tales of fishing mecca were well written and intriguing. Surprisingly, my favorite chapter had little to do with fishing and was actually about the author losing a dog suddenly, and tragically. The hurt was real and Mr. Grzelewski conveyed his emotions about the loss and the torture of trying to replace the dog very well and in a very relatable way. This book should definitely be on your short-list of must reads.

"There was no other way to accept the loss, to stop clinging to what was, to let it go the way you watch a leaf floating downstream on the current and disappearing around the river bend." - pg 139

No, I'm not affiliated with this book in any way and I don't receive any compensation for recommending it. Just passing on the good word. Buy it on Amazon HERE

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