Friday, February 2, 2018

Mid Week Fix

Warm temperatures and dry weather make the work days crawl by. So one afternoon I made a break for it to the local stream to get my fly fishing fix. A few midges were coming off the water but without any fish making their presence known at the surface I put on a nymph rig to try and dredge up some action. The first fish came quick, but not to the Zebra Midge as I would've anticipated but instead to the Prince Nymph that I was mainly using for weight! 

I kept with the rig just in case any other fish were looking to the midges but surprisingly the next couple of browns that came to play also wanted the bigger fly. Nothing that I could find in the water or under rocks could explain it but sometimes you've just got to give 'em what they want! 

As I moved upstream I noticed that a landowner had removed one of the bigger beaver dams which could've made a productive hole upstream back to its former glory. I had to check it out and sure enough the river had almost returned to the way it had been. Complete with a small brown that was willing to take down a flash-back Hare's Ear.

It sure feels good to be able to get my fix midweek and still be home for dinner! 

Hope you're as lucky,

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