Sunday, February 11, 2018


We weren't really thinking about going to the Western Hunting & Conservation Expo this weekend until my brother told me about a "screamin' deal" on a nice rifle. I wasn't sold since it was still a lot of money for a rifle I didn't need, but it did peak my interest and Del agreed to take the boys and go check it out with me. 

The most impressive thing hits you right when you walk in the door, and that's the taxidermy mounts. I know that the displays aren't something that you'd like to use as expectations for any hunt, but I can still dream. The boys liked some of the african mounts, like the giraffe, but I'm always a sucker for deer and elk mounts. As always, Atley took up his job as cameraman and started taking some pics.

The rifle was really nice, but I just couldn't make such a selfish purchase when there are so many things around the house (and even stuff for hunting and fishing) that outweigh my wanting a new rifle. Some people would assume that it was the wife trying to talk me out of it, but she was fine with a new rifle purchase as long as she was able to get some goats. So maybe she did talk me out of it?

I did spend some money on a sweet new knife and we got Atley and me some new hunting pants. Del got some spices and enjoyed looking at new vehicles at the Toyota booth. How some of the outfitters can even break even at shows like this are beyond me. Several of their booths were devoid of people as we walked by. We had a good time though, and Caden even posed with sasquatch for us!

Hope you're as lucky,

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