Monday, January 23, 2017

Looking Back & Planning Ahead

We're hoping for lots of changes in the upcoming year. Right now we're prepping our house to put it on the market, I just got braces (in an attempt to save my saxophone playing), I just accepted the position of Jazz VP in our state's Music Educator's Association, and we're looking at potential places to buy or build a new home. Whenever life's on the brink of new adventures it seems like a good time to look back. Luckily, google put together a slideshow of the past year that helps with that.

Even with all the changes that could be happening, I'm tying flies and looking forward to getting some fishing in. 

Crazy time in the Kidder household, but we feel like great things are in store. Hope you're as lucky,
- Kidder

* This is Post #200!!! Maybe we should do a giveaway or something*

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