Saturday, November 26, 2016


Now that the tryptophan has worn off and we're working through the piles of leftovers, I slipped away for a half day on the stream. The weather was calling for a clear and cold day, but a day that was supposed to warm up into the lower 50s. It didn't feel like fifty degrees was going to happen when I got out of the truck and the thermometer read 26 degrees. 

The hope was to swing some streamers before light and avoid spooking the fish in the low, gin-clear water. The fish didn't seem to get the memo that they were supposed to eat before light today, maybe they were still full from Thanksgiving? By midmorning I had only caught one fish that wanted to play in the snow before getting his picture taken (normally I try to keep them out of the snow, but accidents happen).

Although I had avoided the skunk the skunks seemed pretty intent on being a problem today and these two made me rethink my usual course.

I switched my woolly bugger out for a couple of nymphs under an indicator hoping that my luck would change, but it didn't seem to matter, the fish refused to cooperate. That isn't to say I didn't see any. The water was so low and clear that spotting fish was pretty easy, but making a good presentation was difficult. With nothing hatching (not even midges were out and about today) even when I did pull off the seemingly impossible and got my flies in front of a fish without spooking it, they were unwilling to eat. I was just about to call it a day and start heading back to the truck when this pretty little cutt restored hope and took an olive bugger.

After that I started working my way back to truck and managed to catch a couple more fish (where were they on the first pass?) and still get home in time for lunch. 

It seems that winter fishing is in full swing now, but I'm ready. I'll fit in some time on the streams whenever possible and fill out the rest of my free time tying flies and wrapping rods. I definitely have much to be thankful for, a beautiful wife (who is supportive of my many endeavors), two growing boys (that are turning out better than I could've hoped), a great place to live and the means to pursue my interests. Who could ask for more?
Hope you're as lucky,

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