Monday, November 14, 2016

Fitting Some In

In Utah the opener of the rifle deer hunt aligns with the UEA break, which would be great if the two days off were during the hunt. As it is, the extra days off are Thursday and Friday then the hunt starts on Saturday. I'm sure a lot of guys would spend the days scouting, but I figured it was a great opportunity to get a little fishing in (besides, I've spent all fall on the mountain).

There was a stream on the way to where I hunt that I thought would be a good, quick, stop where some fish could be found without too much trouble. So, Friday afternoon Atley and I stopped to get a few casts in before heading to camp. Atley was more than content just playing with the camera so I set about fishing in the first likely hole we found. I was fully expecting to catch 6-10" trout so the fiberglass rod seemed like a good choice, it was only when I hooked the first fish that refused to come in that I wished for a little heavier rod. With my curiosity peaked, we headed downstream to see if the larger fish was a fluke. Luckily for us, it wasn't.

The fish were in pre-spawn mode which meant that they were pretty aggressive, but not yet dropping eggs. Perfect timing as far as I'm concerned, and we had fun catching a few before Atley was bored (he wasn't interested in fishing today) and deer hunting distracted me again. Caught some on an all black Woolly Bugger and a few others on an egg pattern.

Always a nice surprise to find some decent fish out of a stream you thought you knew.
Hope you're as lucky,

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