Thursday, July 7, 2016

Pig Shoot

I'm not sure why they call it the Pig Shoot, but it's just a 3d archery course that's open on weekends through the summer. Since I was heading up north anyway, I figured meeting up with my brothers for a little practice with my bow wouldn't be the worst thing. Atley even agreed to come along for the ride which makes everything better. 

Pretty good group between three shooters
As crazy as I am about fishing, my brothers are crazy about hunting. I figured they'd outshoot me by far and I'd have to live with some shame for a while (especially since this was the first time I'd gotten my bow out this year) but I actually shot better than I expected and didn't embarrass myself too badly. Atley was pretty tired by the end of the course from all the hiking and playing with his cousin, but he managed to stay awake for most of the ride home to talk my leg off. 

Hope you're as lucky,

For all the marbles 

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