Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Closing In

The end of summer is feeling way too close for my mental health. Used to be that about this time of year I'd turn the corner and start getting excited about the return to school, but it seems only to stress me out anymore. This summer hasn't exactly been a banner year for outings between all the work obligations and playing opportunities that I scheduled myself out to. It's all good, but it's not all as fun as fishing. With all these happy thoughts I decided to take the boys out for an afternoon of fishing on a local stream.

Good to be back

This drives me nuts

They're learning
The decision to wet wade was just as much out of need (the boys don't have waders that fit anymore) as it was a way to stay cool. The first step into the water reminded us all how cold a mountain stream is, even in July. Luckily, the fish were ready and waiting for a Prince Nymph and the little cutts made us forget about the cold water.


A boy and his fish

It's all coming together
Both boys were able to catch a fish on their own (with varying degrees of help) which makes it really fun. The fish were everywhere you'd expect them to be and as pretty as you could ask for (even though I'm not sure what strain of Cutthroat these are). As we worked our way upstream the fish began coming up for the Puterbaugh Caddis which made for some really fun fishing.

A good size for this creek

It's almost a smile
I think the boys had fun, but they were still ready to head for home before I was. Hopefully we'll be able to slip away a few more times before summer really is over and I have to start "adulting" again.

Hope you're as lucky,

Everywhere you look....

This kid makes some funny faces


Probably not the last trip here this year

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