Sunday, January 10, 2016

Book Review: One Small Trout

One Small Trout
by R. E. Long

This year I was lucky enough to receive an early Christmas present from an unexpected source. Now, Ralph over at Ralph's Fly Box (check out his blog here) didn't exactly call it a Christmas present when he sent out a signed copy of his book, but a gifts a gift and towards the end of the year they're all Christmas presents. If you haven't checked out his blog you've definitely been missing out. There are tons of fly patterns including how-to videos and even some how-to's for things like twisted leaders. 

The problem with this book is you'll find it goes too quickly. Meaning you sit down to read a chapter or two and next thing you know half the book is gone and it's way past your bed time! Two chapters stood out as a cut above the rest in my mind. The first was "When Bass Get Bored" which tells about a day spent on a bass lake when the fish were impatiently awaiting the angler's offering to hit the water. Sounds like an epic day and is a story that leaves me wishing for warmer weather. The other was chapter was called "One Small Trout" (the title track) which recounted a day on the water spent with his son. Anyone that's hung around here knows I'm all about getting my boys out into nature and I love hearing about other's doing the same. Here's an excerpt:

He looked up at me puzzled. "What do you mean?" he asked. "We caught fish".

"I know," I acknowledged, "but maybe next time we'll catch better fish."

He never even blinked with his response, and while still staring straight into the fire answered "Did you SEE those fish Dad? They were beautiful. Do the colors get better when they get bigger?"

. . .

Only a child could see through the peripheral to find the true reason for the game in that way. Thanks Ralph for sharing. Hope you can get out, be safe, and enjoy nature.

- Kidder

Buy "One Small Trout" by R. E. Long HERE

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