Saturday, May 23, 2015


The last week of school is great and terrible all at the same time. It's great because after this week I'll have a few weeks to relax, catch up on chores and hopefully do some fishing before I start my Summer Band program. It's terrible because the kids are all amped up on their impending freedom and the graduation ceremony is looming. Because of the added stress (or whatever I need to tell myself to sneak away) I try to get a little after-work-fishing in the last week of classes as some sort of observance. .....Or, maybe I just like fishing.

Either way, I made a get away one afternoon this week for a quick fishing trip. Ross and his lil brother Luc joined me. With these two it's always a pretty laid back affair, so we fished together for the hour or so that was available, taking turns in the likely looking spots. Last time we were out Ross was the only one to land a fish, and while it was good we got one, it wasn't much of one. That's why I didn't mind letting Luc have first shot at the honey hole. When he didn't find any success with his Chernobyl Ant and Zebra Midge dropper, Ross gave it a shot with his Puterbaugh Caddis and a San Juan Worm/Flashback Hare's Ear double dropper. When Ross was getting in his casts he had a small, but distinct, take on one of his droppers. When the hole was turned over to me I figured that the fish might take again if Ross's flies were presented a little differently and borrowed his rod. 

Great to see a fish like this, especially when the average size is closer to 8"
This is only the beginning of what should be a great Summer. Hope you can get out, be safe, and enjoy nature.

- Kidder 

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