Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Things to come

Did a solo trip to the middle section of the Provo River on New Years Eve.  Winter fly-fishing isn't for everyone, and I totally get that (17* when I left home), but there's not much I'd rather be doing in the cold months of the year.  Left my house around seven and was met with some light snow falling but I pressed on.  The weather was actually pretty nice everywhere else, it was just close to home that was unsettled.
My will was good, and I arrived at my destination with no un-planned stops (passed by so much good fishing...) and quickly rigged up my two fly-rods.  On my 8 1/2 foot I put a dry fly set up with a midge dry followed by an emerging pattern (funny, I was actually given this pattern years ago on this river and helped out by a very generous angler).  On my 8 footer I rigged up for a nymph rig, with a size 12 modified hare's ear followed by a size 20 pheasant tail.

Fishing started out as winter fishing often does for me, a little slow.  But when I changed out the pheasant tail for an olive scud I began picking up fish.  About every sixth cast or so I had to get the ice from my guides, yet a few fish were still hitting my indicator (just a tease, the rise never really came off and so my dry rod saw very little action).  The day was going good with some average fish to show for the effort, I felt like it was a success.  Then I changed over to a pink scud pattern and fishing picked up drastically!  I had begun fishing back to the car (had to be back home for a New Years party with the family) so I was actually re-fishing some spots and still had great success.

When I finally got back down in front of the parking area (water that I had walked past first thing) it was obvious I should have started with that fly!  Caught several more with a group of spectators watching ("Hurry and get set up, that guy just caught another one!").  Good day, and a good end of the year.  Hopefully it's a sign of things to come....

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