Tuesday, January 1, 2013


After taking most of the morning to recover from last night's party, we decided a quick family trip to Palisades to fish was in order.  This being the first ice fishing trip of the season meant that we had a lot of gear to round up, but still managed to pull up at the lake right about 3:00pm.  We hurried and set up just south of the boat ramp and quickly got into some fish.
Just chillin'

Workin' it

Little guy

Little guys

Consistent action

A little excited

Big fish of the day

Not a bad way to spend the holiday
Everyone had some action, and every jig seemed to work (although Genz Worms seemed to have a slight advantage).  Everything was going good until everyone suddenly got cold.  The temperatures were falling quickly, so of course it was time to go.  Quick trip, but a great way to start the year.  It's always better when you get to share the hardeck with your family.

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