Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Never Enough

I love it when my boys go fishing with me! Unfortunately, I think I pushed them too hard when they were still too young and now my boys don't like to go with me. Either that, or I always want to go too far and stay too long...

Atley refused to go with my Dad and brothers on a long trip but promised that he would take me fishing sometime soon. That time came over Spring Break when we had a morning to get out and do a little fishing. We didn't have too much time, so we just brought one rod and decided to take turns. This is the first time in quite a while that Atley has gone fly fishing with me and it took a minute for him to remember how to cast, manage the line, set the hook, and the million other things that you're supposed to do on each cast. It wasn't too long before he made a good cast and set the hook on a tiny little fish that flew out of the water. We moved up to the next hole and it didn't take too long before Atley was into another fish, this one big enough to not take flight. 

The water was low and clearer than usual, but the fish were decently cooperative and willing to eat a Prince Nymph that was presented well. We traded off fish as we worked upstream, and it wasn't until we'd already made the call to order lunch that we found a pod of rising fish. I caught my best fish of the day on a Griffiths Gnat. Not sure if this is the first dry-fly catch of the year, but I'm sure it won't be the last! I plan on using my small fiberglass rod and throw dries every chance I get this year, hopefully my boys will take me again. 

Hope you're as lucky, 


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