Thursday, March 19, 2020

Crashing Down

On Friday evening we got the announcement of schools in the State of Utah will be closed for the next two weeks and classes will be taught online during the closure. Suddenly I had a lot of work to do! Ideas came pouring in from other music teachers via Facebook and I started gathering ideas. I could've felt sorry for myself, but all I could think about is how disappointed my students were going to be with all the festivals, concerts and activities being cancelled. The future holds a lot of uncertainty, but I just hope that I'll get to work in a normal classroom with my students again this school year. 

I had to get out and do something that didn't involve staring at a computer screen, but I wasn't feeling too great and didn't want to join my Dad and brothers at a lake in Southern Utah just in case I had something contagious. Not thinking it's Covid-19, but I don't want to get anyone sick with anything. My brothers both have little kids and having a bug run its course through a family is miserable. Better to live as if you're contagious than be wrong and make other people suffer. 

So, Sunday afternoon the boys and I gathered up the often neglected spinning outfits and headed for a local reservoir. Atley wanted to bait fish while Caden decided to throw a fly behind a casting bubble. Neither was particularly successful, but Caden did hook one that came unbuttoned at his feet and Altey missed his only hit. I threw a Jakes Spin-A-Lure for a minute but only had one small bump. I couldn't help but get the fly rod out and tried a few different flies, but only had one hit on a balanced leech. We were all starting to think about heading home when a group of kids (college aged?) pulled up next to us and decided we needed company, which prompted us to hurry up and leave. Not sure why some people think it's okay to crowd when there's plenty of room for us to spread out. Besides, aren't we supposed to be practicing #socialdistancing ?

Monday and Tuesday were spent lesson planning online and by Tuesday afternoon I was going to pretty crazy being cooped up. A little water therapy was definitely needed so I headed for a local stream. Low clear water made fishing difficult, but I managed a few on Prince Nymphs and Copper Johns, both of which I need to tie more of! A much needed break that makes me feel a little better, even when it feels like the world is crashing down around us. 

Hope your as lucky,


  1. Any fishing is better than cabin fever. Interesting how college age kids don't think they are going to get Covid-19. In NY state 54% are between the ages of 19 & 54. Guess their brains haven't developed yet. Glad you jetted.

    1. Besides worrying about covid-19, who wants to fish right next to other people? Thanks for stopping by Mark