Sunday, December 15, 2019

90% of the Fun

The weather outside is progressing further away from what most people would consider "fishing weather" and yet I'm getting more excited about getting back out there. Over the past few years we've been finding some great fish during the colder months, and that's got me back at the vice trying to anticipate what might work and going over every detail that I can recall. It's easy to remember when we had epic days where everything we threw seemed to work, but these are less helpful.

The days when little or nothing worked are where my mind wanders as I try to make every wrap as perfect as I can. Like the day last year when we hooked a fish on the first cast with a wooly bugger, but that was the only one that showed any interest for hours. Only when we changed over to small zebra midges fished under indicators did we find some small fish for consolation. I only had a few of those flies on me that trip, so I've been working on refilling that box. 

What's going to make or break the cold days ahead are anyone's guess, but if a little extra time in the basement will put a few more fish in the net then it's worth it. Besides, like grandpa used to say, "anticipation in 90% of the fun!"

Hope you're as lucky,


fyi, these two nets are still available! 

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